About Sandigren Enterprises

Transforming lives through mentorship and business
Sandigren Enterprises mission is to teach and assist others in building a compelling future so they can make a life, not just a living. We leverage a proven mentoring program and online shopping platform with exclusive products so others we select can build a long term financial asset and achieve a debt free lifestyle.

As a product of this mentorship and education system, and with the help of our mentors, we apply the proven success and business building principles taught, to achieve benefits in personal growth, entrepreneurship, coaching and leadership.

About Horace Young

Your Personal Success Facilitator
Born in Belize, Central America, Horace attended school and college in Belize and Jamaica, and subsequently the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland, and University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. As a young man, he recognized the significance of having a career, exemplified by his Dad, a very successful lawyer and orator, but always wanted to have his own business.

Through various life circumstances and decisions, Horace spent many years in the corporate world as a technology professional, acquiring and practicing skills in coaching, mentoring, management, communicating effectively, relationship building, negotiation, and problem solving.
In his career as a Technology Professional, he successfully led teams to deliver projects and support of Banking applications. His Technology and Professional skills and successes included coaching and managing staff, project management, building teams, managing client relationships, vendor management, analysis, design, security, and problem solving.

Horace also embarked on a success journey which led to the founding of Sandigren Enterprises, a company where selected individuals who are ambitious and seek to learn and succeed in generating additional income, can be part of a team and achieve their goals. Sandigren Enterprises is a business based on the combined benefits of a mentoring program and global online marketing and distribution platform.

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