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Horace is an avid student of success principles applied to personal growth, entrepreneurship and mentoring others.  He benefited in his work and business life by implementing the principles and mindset learnt from some of the top thought leaders in the world and the mentoring system he is a part of.  His primary focus is to continue learning and achieving excellent results in his business and personal life, and sharing this knowledge and experience with others.

As owner of Sandigren Enterprises, Horace’s mission is to mentor and assist individuals who wish to achieve higher levels of success. Sandigren Enterprises provides an opportunity for selected individuals to achieve a flexible lifestyle through the mentor program from a Leadership Development system, and the marketing of exclusive products from a global supplier.

In his career as a Technology Professional, Horace successfully led teams to deliver projects and support Banking applications. His Technology and Professional skills and successes included coaching and managing staff, project management, building teams, managing client relationships, vendor management, analysis, design, security, and problem solving. His interest in technology continues with focus on Digital Transformation for business.

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