Born in Belize, Central America, Horace attended school and college in Belize and Jamaica and subsequently the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland, and University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.  As a young man, he recognized the significance of a career, which was very well exemplified by his Dad, a very successful lawyer and orator, but always wanted to have his own business.  Through various life circumstances and decisions, Horace spent many years in the corporate world as a technology professional, acquiring and practicing skills in coaching, mentorship, management, communicating effectively, relationship building, negotiation, and problem solving.

Horace also embarked on a success journey which led to founding of Sandigren Enterprises, a company where selected, qualified individuals who are ambitious and seek to learn and succeed in generating additional income.  Sandigren Enterprises is a business based on the combined benefits of a mentorship program and global online marketing and distribution platform.


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